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Demonetisation – One Year On. Amid Much Talk, A Lot Amiss

One year of #demonetisation (let us use that word for the currency replacement exercise since that is how it is known generally, and the technical nomenclature isn’t too important). Yes, one year and a lot of noise! Noise, indeed! Somewhat disappointing. Did it work? If so, how much? Did it destroy as much of ‘black’ money as was claimed? Why didn't the shift to digital economy go very well? Why or how the ‘gamble’ – yes, a gamble – backfired, etc., etc. I thought or rather expected that we would be clearer about the real nature and the nefarious goals of an extensive use of financial instruments to terrorise and subdue people in a manner nobody had assumed possible under the constitutional framework we have. It is one thing to contradict the fake claims and quite another to be ensnared in the many false premises, shifting priorities and fake narratives. Most of the criticism, even from the most vehement ones for that matter, ended up playing along with the fake narratives. Fo
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A Pestilence - The Karatified-Left

These days there is a certain brand of unwelcome Leftists who pop up when some of us discuss either the dangers of sanghi fascism or start conversations about building wider unity to defeat these fascists. They appear mainly to question the discussions on unity against the sanghi-fascism and to discredit vehemently the Congress, avoiding the question of countering the sanghi fascists. When we look up their worldviews or the overall demeanour, they appear to be left-leaning. Strangely, they never discuss anything about fighting the sanghi-fascists. When it comes to discussing trends like this, we need some labels or short descriptions for those exhibiting similar traits, expressing converging views, singing consonant tunes, or dancing to the same beats. They fall into the trend of cleverly equating BJP and Congress with all sorts of whatabouteries used by the sanghis , avoiding discussions on countering the sanghi threat, deliberately underplaying the sanghi -fascist threat and